Diplomatt wins Wolf Flash #10

Thu 9th Jun 2016 - 10:37am : Gaming

Wolf Flash #10 saw several WOLF players face up against players from Aggony, RTK, VM and Zeal.

Diplomatt defeated RTK Adelmo in the first round and then won the WOLF v WOLF game against ulda who dropped down to the bronze match. In the final, Diplomatt faced Panda_Warrior, recently the winner of BETA Flash #98. The first game was Vampire Counts vs a tricky Empire build from Panda using a lot of outriders, however the Vampires came out on top. The second game saw the factions switched and VC won again so it went to the 3rd game at 1-1. This was a greenskin mirror matchup and a very tight game but some excellent chariot plays managed to turn the game into Diplomatt's favour.

It was a very fun evening and the first tournament win for the clan. Here is the full bracket

Coming up we have the NA Flash Tournmanet on Friday which houseplant is playing in, the reddit tournament on Saturday and ESL #2 on Sunday, so its a very busy week and lots more tournament to hopefully win!




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