ESL 1on1 Community Cup #2 TW: Warhammer

Tue 14th Jun 2016 - 4:49pm : Gaming

The second community cup saw another impressive performance from houseplant who came 3rd in the first one. 

After early wins against RuninMan and ArBo including some dwarf play, he faced ODM Shidoku and took another comfortable victory. Then came another win against Tarus and then a semi-final against ODM Kinda Fluffy who beat houseplant earlier in the week in the reddit tournament. However, this time houseplant took control and took the series 3-1. The final was houseplant against AggonyPrussianPrince of Shogun 2 fame. After using weaker factions early on in the tie, the pressure was on houseplant being down 2-0. He pulled back the third game but in game four the Chaos rush proved too much for the Bretonnian bowmen and houseplant lost the series. It was still a great result and if he follows the trend then he should come first in the next tournament, it will be exciting to see!


Full bracket is here




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