ESL 1on1 Community Cup #1 TW: Warhammer

Mon 6th Jun 2016 - 2:49pm : Gaming

In the first ever Total War tournament hosted on ESL, we saw 4 Wolf members battling it out against the best in an intense tournament. 


At the top of the bracket, Diplomatt eased through the first round before a convincing victory over ODM Berndotte, a player in the top 10 of the quick battle leaderboards. Then came a round of 16 match against Zeal Nefarion live on stream which resulted in another victory for Diplomatt as Greenskins vs Empire. Unfortunately, due to real life circumstances, Diplomatt was unable to finish the tournament and gave a default win to Jevanko in the next round. Although it was a disapointing finish, there were some great games and a lot of positives to take into the next tournament.


Meanwhile, houseplant stormed straight to the semi-finals with wins over IDE Tiquerzius, Prima and AVA TedBundy. In the semis, Houseplant faced Jevanko. Jevanko took game one with Vampire Counts vs Empire, however, in the second game houseplant won with the exact same faction in an epic display of skill in a very tough match up. The Decider was a Vampire Count mirror match up and after suffering an early gen snipe, houseplant lost in a close battle. In the bronze final, houseplant defeated ODM Franz to secure 3rd place in a very impressive performance all round, only losing to the eventual winner.


Yawningfirely pulled off a great victory over the Vampires of ODM Shidoku however he was unable to do the same in the next round against ODM Nhest. Ulda again won his first match but lost against the eventual finalist TWI Eliminatore.


Overall, it was a great event and really sucessful for the clan. There will be more tournaments to come from ESL and from other organisers so we expect big things in the future.


Also, we can't go without mentioning Blademaster who did a great job casting the game on where you can also find the VOD


Full bracket is here




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